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Web Design

csinetworks-homepageDesigning for the web intrigued me at a young age, as early as middle-school as I can remember. One of the first attempts at a website was on one of the famous "GeoCities" websites that you could build for free. Oh, it was the coolest site ever! ( At least me and the other handful of friends thought so, I'm sure we're the only ones that ever saw it.) I added all the cool HTML objects and graphics that I could find. The animated .gif's of the IE logo spinning, the animated torches, a screenshot of a video game, you name it and I'm sure all that crap was up there. Since then the web has changed a lot and so has my skill-set.

I have been involved in web design for over 15 years now and built 100's of sites from personal blogs/sites, to bands and entertainment, to large corporate sites. Having a chance to get some experience under my belt with some companies such as, Sarasota Magazine and now since 2007 CSi Networks, I've been able to advance my skills and evolve with the ever changing world of Web Design.